Why have a website?

> Gives you credibility

> Helps you rank higher on Google

> Increases your chance of obtaining custom.

> Makes you look more professional

> Accept online payments

> Showcase all your services or products

> Appear on internet searches

Exceptional Warranties

All our websites come with an amazing warranty and maintenance package to keep you online for longer.

Quick Turnaround

It only takes 14 days from start to finish to have an amazing new website up and running.

Responsive For Mobile

We build websites with mobiles in mind, and make sure they are fully responsive for mobile devices.

Professional Appearance

All our websites come with a professional and personal feel to help you stand out.

SEO Plan

Be found on Google, we spend time researching the best keywords to get the most site visits.

24 Hour Helpline

You do not have to wait until a weekday to contact us, we can update your site 24/7.

Are these your only plans?

Not at all, we do have other plans available, and you can also pick and choose our web design services. The above prices are our most popular web design services, and are used as a basic guideline for future customers.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit for any website we build. This covers any costs we may come across during building your site. All deposits are non-refundable once paid.

What happens when my warranty expires?

When your warranty and maintenance expire, and you need some work carrying out on your website, there are 2 ways we can help.

1. An hourly charge of £45 (per hour) .. This is paid in advance to any work being carried out.

2. A monthly plan of £50, which covers you for up to 4 hours a month of work on your website. This must be paid by direct debit to us at the beginning (1st) of every month.

What is my warranty and maintenance for?

Your warranty covers you for anything that goes wrong with your website, if you discover a fault on your site, we shall fix it free of charge for a set period of time.

Your maintenance covers you for any extra work you want doing on your website, for example, if you wish to upload a photo album, we shall do that free of charge for a set period of time.


The Cyber Group are a cyber fraud prevention company. We also specialise in global marketing, and web design.

Based in Southport, Lancashire, United Kingdom, we aim to provide the best service for the best price.






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